Truck Accidents

semi truck in road ditch after an accidentEvery year in Oklahoma, hundreds of motorists are killed or suffer catastrophic injuries in accidents involving semi-tractor trailers.

Semis and other commercial trucks that haul cargo throughout the United States are inherently dangerous.  The size and weight of an 18 wheeler makes them dangerous, especially when involving a collision with a much smaller passenger vehicle.  A semi’s sheer size creates issues with visibility, maneuverability and the driver’s ability to bring his commercial vehicle to a stop.

Common causes of trucking accidents include driver fatigue, insufficient driver training, overloaded freight, drugs or alcohol and often times the length of time the driver was on the road before the accident occurred.

A truck driver and his employer are required to comply with standards set forth in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation Act.  Commercial truck drivers are professional drivers and owe a higher duty of care while operating their vehicles on the roads and highways of Oklahoma.

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